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· High quality R & D team, Germany advanced production equipment;

· 10 years of production experience, a variety of independent research and development products;

· Has a number of national product patents and other independent intellectual property rights;

· And took the lead through the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification;

· The sale of products by the China Ping An Property Insurance Limited by Share Ltd underwriting liability insurance;

· From development to production, pay attention to product details, the quality gate provided more and more stable;

· On the motor, the floor, the chain wheel, the nose wheel, the door and so on;

· Jin Hongxing product life 3 times longer than their peers; product structure of the negative difference is not super 0.01mm.

· Product fine workmanship concise, carefully selected parts;

· To ensure high standards of quality, is the crystallization and essence of excellent technology;

· From the series of luxury stainless steel telescopic door, fashion aluminum telescopic door, to provide you with the most professional, the most reasonable, the most perfect one-stop shopping service.

· National service network, the headquarters of the technical service center for the real-time network services for tracking;

· Provide a dedicated phone to listen to your valuable comments at any time;

· More experienced technical staff at any time, to provide the most comprehensive and most professional technical support!

· First, the distinguished domestic famous film star, "Beijing youth" in the South actor He Gang, as a spokesman for brand image;

· Two, for five consecutive years won the "China's retractable door ten brands" title;

· Three, fifteen years of builders of the heart, focus on product quality, product details; the company founder Mr. Jin Guojian was Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association electric automatic door branch hired as industry experts;

· Four, a number of invention patents to support the company's products in the industry's absolute leading edge;

· Five, has the industry aluminium courtyard door manufacturing process: "the one and only Six Meridian Swords";

· Six, Jin Hongxing has 25000 square meters of modern industrial park, Jin Hongxing headquarters more than 1000 square meters of large intelligent exhibition hall, waiting to join, visit, study, welcome users to visit the head office experience;

· Seven, with the industry's only home overall, to solve the product surface treatment of automatic whole door shot blasting system

· Eight, the industry has only two intelligent industrial door CNC machining center;

· Nine, Jin Hongxing is the only one with the industry enterprise business school, business school classes regularly provide professional skills training for the franchisee, the franchisee to build power terminal technology marketing team to better serve consumers;

· Ten, the independent network marketing department uses the network marketing to realize the on-line drainage, the line delivery, the O2O pattern provides the better experience pattern for the user.



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