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"Time gear": time flies, not walking, not stop, it is eternal.

Time gear starting rotation, will never be stagnant. As Hongxing people, tirelessly, down to earth step by step to move forward, never stops! Each month, the gear must rotate a grid, while the group is composed of individuals, and on behalf of our people Hongxing each individual hand in hand, heart to heart are closely linked together, and form a group! Starting rotation time also means change, so it represents our Jinhongxing every minute of all change, and are in progress!


Four corners, stretching toward the truck; consists of eight triangles, representing Hongxing door fly in all directions, all over the country, the global exhibition!

Red flag: stands for a fiery heart; blue: on behalf of blue sky; Jinhongxing people with a fiery heart grow together in the same blue sky, belong together to create greater Jinhongxing sky!

This flag is set by 2011 started: wings means a fly Dapeng, like Dapeng Yu said the company, like having heaven's sprint speed and lofty aspirations. Gold is one of the most brilliant gloss color, it is the color of the sun, with shining earth, radiant charm, but also like a sign of loyalty!

Hongxing human perseverance in pursuit of constant improvement, the bear temper live time, the customer's test, with this pair of golden wings Hongxing carries the dream to the nation, the world fly to meet the next qualitative leap!

Flag elements: KHS is "Jinhongxing" in the first letter of each word in English, using the international popular English letters as the basic elements of the design; concise, easy to remember letters, strokes sonorous, powerful, stable atmosphere. Shades of blue, blue is generally reminiscent of the sea, sky, water, cosmos, blue is the color of a broad, blue is the symbol of eternity.

Flag meaning: KHS even pen ingenious design, the concept of "work together to create the future," the idea of the market; Jinhongxing reflect the spirit of human solidarity; embodies the vision Jinhongxing to international development.