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What consumer needs and characteristics of the role of maintenance adaptation?

Release time:2015/8/29

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology

There are many people on the market at the time of purchase retractable door repair, retractable door repair do not know the role and characteristics, often buy the wrong. Remind buyers must first figure out, retractable door repair role and characteristics of the role and retractable door repair Features
1, intelligent infrared anti-climb devices: Case of people climb the gate, the system will immediately alert, in order to protect the safety of the door.

2, special profiles: zinc plus the high hardness of aluminum profiles of different geometric shapes muscles can greatly enhance its strength, surface treated with a special electrophoresis, gloss unlimited, easy to stick dust, not contaminated gas corrosion, never rust, insurance New long period. This is retractable door repair a big advantage ah!
3, plastic: door main plastic parts (such as the connection between the pipe and the pipe, plastic parts, fgerr_02 door moving parts, etc.) using high-quality engineering plastics (such as PC, PA), high toughness, impact resistance, anti-distortion , abrasion resistance, cold, light, easy to aging, long life, from the snow, lightning, sun and rain of pain.

4, intelligent infrared sensor anti-collision device: door case or foreign body in the closing process 30-50cm can automatically return to run, in order to protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Standard Structure: Row of empty (ie, before and after the two adjacent distance between bends in charge, excluding executives size) using retractable door repair standard size 320mm (with reference to foreign technology), to ensure the most solid cross tube, and significantly reduce operating noise .

5, the unique production process the main door frame profiles plastic parts connected together by a screw connection bit fixed using stealth design, to improve the appearance of connections, profiles and plastic parts of the door body is used punching, pressing, drilling and other technology, the door body structure of a solid, no pads. The latest cross-connect design: the red cross tube using a special process from the system, and is equipped with a super PA wear sleeve, closely integrated with the tube not only makes the door frame structure more solid, and guaranteed to run more smoothly.
6, retractable door maintenance features landscaping, improved business outlook, enhance corporate image; help create a civilized business, civilization factories, civilized city atmosphere; improve safety, even late at night in case of damage or climb immediately to the police. Retractable door repair is mainly used for living quarters, offices and schools, businesses and institutions.