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Retractable door suddenly does not move how to deal with?

Release time:2015/8/29

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
1. valve stuck, the cause may be the reverse rotation and limit switch not adjusted correctly, retractable door repair solution is in the valve open position, handwheel operation hammer mechanism to open a valve stuck .
2. the valve is not in place to stop the motor running. Stroke causes the controller to adjust the bad, the torque controller action in advance.
3. The executive body rotation, but not drive the valve. Causes the clutch lever padlock in the "manual" position and move the sleeve seat no good. Workaround clutch hit "far parade" and for good sleeve position.
4. Motor is not functioning properly, there is a continuous hum. Mainly because of the two-phase operation, the only way is to check the three-phase power circuit is turned on.
5. The torque limit switch does not work out of control. The root cause of the sequence is wrong, wrong line contactor does not release iron absorption. The solution is to replace the motor phase sequence, check the line to correct the error, clean or replace the contactor.
Therefore, as long as the user master these are retractable door repair, I believe, it will be for you and your business save a lot of money. These knowledge that I share with you, hope retractable door using the user some substantial help!