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Suspended door products into the younger generation

Release time:2015/8/27

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
Faced with the rapid rise of the 80 consumer trends, the floating door business seems to lack sufficient sensitivity, and did not do enough to prepare and coping strategies. Born in the 1980s after the generation, grew up in the market environment, and the Internet era counterparts, have a more strong independent and free ideas, consumer habits and consumer attitudes completely different from their elders, which for the majority of suspended door business marketing Provides a new topic.
1, consumer pursuit of personality and trendy
As the market floating door company, the "style" (and color) is the easiest to directly experience the personality and differences, which can also be found, for the 80 consumer groups, as long as their favorite, in line with their own personality pursuit, there May be to buy, as to how low cost, in fact, is not important, so companies want to get 80 consumer groups of all ages, you need to be able to produce thousands of colors of the suspended door material, broken bridge aluminum suspension door is Such a material can produce thousands of different colors, to meet the consumer demand after 80.
2, consumption is more cost-effective to worry about

Many young people into the workplace after 80 young people, facing fierce social competition and work pressure, there is not much time to spend in the home improvement, they focus on the final results of home improvement, but for the complex home improvement process does not want to participate in the whole process. Therefore, the "one-stop" decoration, finished home buyers and other effort to worry about home improvement consumption, may be more popular with young people. Suspension door product purchase, is a cumbersome work, after all, different and fashion products more interesting. In the broken bridge aluminum floating door product consumption, 80 after the network with more information and communication, brand evaluation, price measurement, product comparison, store selection, purchase decision-making preparatory work, in fact, are completed on the network The From the network to buy in the young people in the popular, which also reflects the 80 after the effort to save the effort to pursue.