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Suspension Folding door small workshop enterprises face how to survive the pressure of multiple

Release time:2015/8/29

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology

For small-scale production of small-scale folding folding door enterprises, may be due to technology and equipment behind, the shortage of staff, so that the final suspension of folding door product quality is relatively poor, the sales model is the first in the local building materials market to open a store, Mostly rely on store sales mainly. Foreign investment, it is impossible. Because their own production capacity is limited. They act on the project. Look at how much the project, for the number of suspension folding doors in dozens of sets of more than the project they are afraid to pick up, is elusive. If the final project is not good, but will drop their own signs. So, like this business they do not want to do engineering alone. I believe that small-scale production enterprises or do some retail orders is better. So slowly to secure yourself in the local market. Will slowly make their products deeply rooted.

For large-scale suspension folding doors, engineering orders and retail orders are almost equal. With the project will certainly pick up. Large-scale floating folding door enterprises because of the production capacity is not a problem, so they build the brand at the same time, are constantly expanding, occupying the country's suspension folding door market, even by the impact of the environment, their retail orders are very impressive of. A business in order to build their own brand, you must do some of the more well-known projects. This is an indispensable part of creating a brand.

Do a project is a great investment in the enterprise, can not be a little negligent, even if the enterprise brand re-ring. The quality of the product should be guaranteed. Product quality is an important guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises. Any enterprise must regard the quality of products for life, in the selection of materials will not allow the product does not meet the requirements of raw materials into the factory. Because the quality of the enterprise sales linked to a series of problems, product quality problems, you can let a business lost a lot of dealers, you can lose a lot of consumers, the quality of the product problems, invisible is the task after the increase. Especially in the project sheet, if there is a fault in the quality of a hanging folding door product, will not only lose the current project, but also the reputation of their products that is very serious impact. Similarly, if the dealer sells the quality of the product, it will also affect a lot of consumers. With the development of the suspension folding door industry, now a lot of business is the pursuit of "zero" after-sales service. The quality of the product is also a fundamental enterprise to build the brand, with a good product quality, invisible among the consumers have a good reputation.