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Electric retractable doors, automatic barrier repair training materials

Release time:2015/8/29

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
Electric retractable doors, automatic barrier repair training materials
Retractable door, automatic barrier using a 220V mains, no matter what fault occurs, first check the voltage used is the number of volts, the voltage is stable.
A. Can not open and close (or from, off)
A. First check the mains, whether the fuse burned, if the fuse is melting off, you must do a comprehensive inspection.
B. In the janitor's room unplug underground cable plug, with a multimeter Rx1 block, measuring motor red, white, yellow three leads if communicated (yellow (red) and white, the resistance should be around 15 ohms, yellow and red should be 30 ohms or so), then R × 10K range measuring and whether there is some other line of resistance, (mainly whether indirect short circuit between the check lines and line). Red, white, yellow three motor line nowhere (infinite resistance), and then detect the tail junction box of red, white, yellow, if connected, indicating that underground cables in red, white, yellow circuit; not connected: open the machine again cover, plug in the door frame and connected at the head and then measured three lines, if connected, explained from the door to the janitor's exhaust porting line break (including the plug connection is bad included); if it still fails, direct measurement of motor The stator coil is open circuit.
C. Motor leads only red, yellow interlinked, and white were nowhere to check whether the motor stator hot. If the hot worse, indicating the motor thermal protection shutdown can not switch. (Deluxe trackless door only red, yellow interlinked, because the electronic soft starter white line string have a thyristor, thyristor open circuit occurs if a few seconds after starting), if not hot, check the start capacitor 20UF whether failure.
D. Good motor still can not switch, then measure the blue, green, gray three limit signal line is short-circuited, because the door is automatically stopped in place by limit sensors K1, K2 induction, if K1, K2 two sensors simultaneously shorted, also equivalent to the door in the door is the limit, and close also limit the cause can not switch [Red Gate Electromechanical].
E. motor line, the signal line is good, still can not switch, a control box is faulty. Why do not you change the control box it? If there where there is a short circuit, it may be just for good will burn. So, we have to check every part of the good, there are no other hidden faults after, before they can be replaced.
II. Can Off (open) is not open (off)
Can Off (open) is not open (off), indicating good electrical white common line can be measured motor red (yellow) color with a white cord is connected, and then measure the blue and gray (green) color signal lines and K2 (K1) sensing switch is shorted its inspection methods can refer to "Can not switch."
III. Can switch but can not stop
Can switch indicates that the motor line of red, white, yellow three lines there is no problem, the signal wire is not shorted. The main reason is the limit signal is not sent to the controller or controllers limit function worse. It does not automatically shut down: a limit sensor K1, K2 open simultaneously (Limit sensor is a magnetic field is closed, no magnetic field off); b common line blue breaking bad .c controller; using the above method is also checking measurements. .
Fourth, the process is running Barrier trembled what is failure?
Trembling mainly due to brake lever length (weight) is not proportional with the spring tension caused by the operation appears. If it is not trembling under the bar, from the bar will tremble, indicating a tension spring tension is too strong, you can loosen the spring tension; on the rod and the lower rod will not tremble, is the lack of spring tension to tighten the tension spring or replace the pull spring to deal with.
V. Why do they always appear to open the door automatically rewinds (kickback) phenomenon?
Infrared automatic door backwards is poor or radio interference generated induced malfunction. Usually taken coding or replacement of PCB board to resolve, but also will promote the infrared output relay be very indirect transistor in a 47uf electrolytic capacitors to filter outside interference. Now Universal type circuit using points A, B version, the circuit has been done without re-encoding signal path processing, but opened the door to A, B version supporting the use.
Infrared anti-collision repair (trackless)
First, check the switching power supply indicator (green) is bright. If not, check whether the 220V input voltage between the brown and white wires, if the voltage input light is not on, indicating that the switching power supply or other short-circuit caused by bad protection.
A. If the switching power supply is no problem. Infrared Board LED7 LED should light. Press the close button, then Accordingly there LD1, LED18, LED14, LED9 indicator lights. LED1, LED18 lights have proven infrared emitter voltage probes, touch probes, see the infrared signal output indicator LED2, whether LED19 will light up. If the test light first to replace the motherboard, and back probe test; indicator light, indicating normal infrared road, causing no anti-collision function is to signal is not transmitted to the controller, and then check the black line and the blue line is turned on, the interface is good. If the transmission line is also normal, it can directly replace the controller of.
B. If LED1, LED18 does not shine. Check infrared anti-collision reed shorting (because infrared anti-collision reed is used to cut off infrared power), if open, LED1, LED18 is not lit, indicating infrared board is faulty, LED1, LED18 have anti-collision lights function, but away from the goal post (closing limit) Auto return 40cm, described infrared power is not cut off, has been emitting infrared transmission, always believed that there is an obstacle ahead, a number of good reed, and back infrared board test.
Anti-climbing features installation and maintenance
Anti-climbing function is to use an infrared beam to complete. The tail assembly of an infrared transmitter, indicator light. Head installed infrared receiver. When installing, pay attention to the road should be flat, straight, no matter how long the gate row, we just shut the door and then at the infrared on the line.
Transmit and receive on time, the receiver light goes out. When someone (thing) to block off the infrared beam, the receiver lit, push the transmission signal alarm. If the door is not closed, the alarm will not alarm; if not aligned infrared, when the door is closed when will alarm immediately, which is why we often encounter installation problems.
(Note: Lead Description: brown, blue for the power cord, white, black is normally open, white, gray is normally closed, normally open contact is usually white and black)
If the infrared will not alarm: First check the infrared transmitter, the receiver is good; transmitting and receiving good, open cabinet door after closing stop (can be placed on self-test of the magnet) to see whether LED8 lights. LED8 not lit tweezers to push anti-climb anti-short circuit at the reed socket) to see if LED6 lights; LED12 is not lit, push the anti-infrared anti-climb circuit board is bad; LED12 will light barrier cutting off infrared light beam, to see whether the point LED8 light, alarm; LED8 lit, but not alarm, 50V DC with a multimeter block measuring alarm output if there is 12V with output, alarm instructions bad; No output, infrared anti push anti-creep bad circuit board.