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Door repairs as component automation system is how to design the

Release time:2015/8/29

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
How to design automatic retractable door repair works 3.10 motor motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemical, aviation, transportation, agriculture, and various other industries, the motor has been widely used with. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, motor control requires the use of a wide variety of automation systems as components, satellite automatic control system, the motor is also indispensable. Also in defense, culture, education, health care and daily life (modern appliances industry) motors are also increasingly widely used up. General Motors is mainly composed of two parts: a fixed part called the stator, the rotating part called the rotor. Another cover, fan, casing, frame, junction boxes.
Motor Works is based on the law of electromagnetic induction, all-electric Ohm's law, and the law of electromagnetic force and other foundations. When the pole is rotated clockwise, the magnetic poles of the magnetic field lines cutting rotor bars, the guide bar on the induced electromotive force. Direction of the force is determined by the right-hand rule. Because the movement is relative, if the magnetic pole does not move, rotor bar rotated counterclockwise, the guide bar can also be induced electromotive force. In the role of electromotive force, the closed guide bar current is generated. The current interaction with the rotating magnetic field, the rotor bars by electromagnetic force (Ampere force), the direction of the electromagnetic force can be used to determine the left-hand rule. By the electromagnetic force and produce the electromagnetic torque, the rotor will turn up.
In this design the electric motor is used to drive electric retractable door repair Shanghai on and off, to complete the electric retractable door repair Shanghai control.
Composition 3.11 electric retractable door structure and working principle of electric retractable door: electric retractable door is mainly composed of the door, drive and control system. Door made of stainless steel and aluminum special profiles, using the principle articulated parallelogram, telescopic flexible large travel. Drive using special motor, worm gear reducer, and no manual clutch, power outage you can manually open and close, the control system control panel, buttons, switches, and the other can be equipped with a wireless remote control device according to user needs. Can be equipped with scroll display, it displays the contents of 500 words. It can also be equipped with intelligent infrared dual-head anti-collision device, in case people or objects 20-30CM can automatically return to run, in order to protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Below Zhengzhou Case Saida electric retractable door electric retractable door performance presentation:
3.12 circuit core principle of the circuit is 80C51 microcontroller, with 4KB of internal FlashROM, without extension program memory; the computer is not a lot of computation and temporary data, within the existing 128B-chip RAM has been able to meet the requirements, do not expand chip RAM, the system is equipped with four LED display and two single interface to keyboard, using P0 interface external inverting tri-state buffer 8-segment LED 74LS244 for driving dynamic scan control signal, with the P1 interface P1.0-P1.3 add a 74LS07 open collector inverter gate as four LED driving port bit selection signals, LED common cathode terminal connected to the output terminal 74LS07; the key interface from P2.0, P2.1 to complete while the digital signal reception. P3 accept D / A converter to convert the signal into an analog signal MCU processing power through the motor will turn into mechanical energy to drive the electric retractable door complete switch. Each of tactics, tactical concept of change means that also means change weapons. Initially, the "spear spear"; later, "millet plus rifles" from the hands of the enemy seized; later, he started slowly built, a lot of "soil Dynamite"; and finally, basic manufactured by themselves, the army gradually by the guerrilla and turned formal, but also by the clutter of weapons into formalized.
To the stage of development, innovation is still the only way. But in tactics, or need to be upgraded recycling, fgwe_119 after all, the market environment and the strength of enterprises has been greatly different, if then "spear spear" to equip "the Eighth Route Army" or "regular" little "irrelevant" is suspect a.
Stages of development from four aspects:
First, learn to go with the flow
"The world trend, mighty, Shun those who advocate against it will perish."
Do marketing, you must learn to grasp the trend. Grasp the trend, there are two ways, one to either create trends, creating fashion, the second is to follow the trend.
After all, the trend to create only a few giants of the game, but for most small and medium enterprises in terms of the strength of the weak, not so much to create a trend, but rather that follow the trend, it seems more appropriate.
How to follow the trend of it?
First of all, in product innovation, looking to consumer trends, the introduction of new products and product concepts and trends related. For example: to upgrade the liquor industry trend, hence the "Shuijingfang" and "willing" wine and other ultra-premium wines.
Secondly, in terms of price positioning, you can also follow the trend. For example, mid-priced brand is the leading representative of the mainstream of the market price is the mid-range, we want to compete with the leading brands in the product concept and wish it the difference in pricing on slightly higher or lower than it is, that the price you want and opponents differentiation. This is the trick Erie Mengniu to deal in any stores, the retail price should be Bi Yili Kiichi hair.
Again, on promotion and communication, you can go with the flow. We are advocating, "selling more important than creativity," it is with the consumer group proposed more popular consumer psychology, consumption of the whole society more "vulgar", if you make some advertising out of style too, it is called the inverse trend move.
In addition, in all aspects of communication carriers, public relations, brand core, etc., you can follow the trend.
For example: sports and sports is a big trend, we keep up with it, seize it. In the current society where such information can be found on the focus of the public it is not very easy to do. SMEs can shorten the time to capture the minds of consumers through sports marketing, because within a specific period, major sporting activities are of very high concern.
This cost includes two aspects: the first is spread costs, retractable door repair is your money invested; the second is the cost of time, usually you get a million people to understand your brand may need a year's time, and when the consumer When the focus, you may only need a few days to be able to achieve this effect. SMEs in with the flow, or not on this stage, we must go on to the stage, if you freeloaders standing on the edge of the stage, the surface is saving money, but you will find around the stand A lot of people, very few people look at you, and all eyes are focused on the stage.