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Jin Hongxing hanging door industry to grasp the pulse of the times to give you the new and beautiful feeling

Release time:2015/9/2

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
Five elements in the world of all things inseparable from the day and month, follow the trend of the development of the times, the hanging door industry development prosperity.

Jin Hongxing hanging door industry focus on the door feng shui research, its research and development of a variety of feng shui door to get all the attention and praise. The new product launched "Xianglong series", aluminum alloy material, the length of the head is: 700, wide: 560 (not the edge of the package 450) section door distance: 1.6 m wheel spacing: 830 Roman column material: 200 oval shaped tube : 22X62 up and down the horizontal basket tube is: 24X24 round tube: 16 horizontal basket: 20X24 wheel spacing: 830 in the mansion feng shui door is a very important seat feng shui is the ancients of the natural and living environment understanding, in modern Society still has some meaning. Any good product innovation, should be based on the development trend of the times, grasp the trend of the times pulse, with the replacement of innovation, in line with the era of aesthetic standards and fashion requirements. Jin Hongxing hanging door industry to create retro style, European and American style design, give you a new aesthetic feeling.