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Jin Hongxing electric retractable door industry to the customer to see the purchase notes

Release time:2015/9/4

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
The electric retractable door is mainly composed of the door row and the head Door row: the door row according to the style of the price price, different styles of materials used in different prices are different, electric retractable door is based on the length of the door row to open the calculation.
Head: head is divided into three, monorail, dual rail and trackless, trackless head is composed of two motors and electronic systems, do not track easy to install.
Buyer pre-purchase notes:
Buy stainless steel fine polishing type electric retractable door must ask clear cross tube (Ryoko) whether there is playing steel sets!
1). Cross-tube steel technology is the industry's most advanced technology, the purpose is to reduce the cross-tube empty and connect the pipe friction, improve the flexibility of the door extension flexibility, greatly enhance the door life. According to the company's long-term quality tracking survey shows that the installation of steel sets of electric retractable door average life expectancy increased by more than 5 years!
2). General manufacturers to reduce costs, the use of punch-shaped hole into the plastic wear-resistant sets of technology, if the door is a large pull or large switching frequency, it will not take long will cross-shaped tube shaped hole deformation, wear Set into the hole, the door scattered rack, the average life of the door only less than 10 years.
Jin Hongxing electric retractable door used in the motor floor are rugged and durable treatment of the floor, most manufacturers to save the cost of the motor floor used for the majority of easy to damage the 8% floor, more people use the floor is not only the thickness of not Compliance and also a lot of trouble trying to save costs, the use of the floor turned out to be hollow! The surface looks like the same floor, hardness, thickness, weight is far from the factory standard! Please customers in the purchase of electric retractable door must be asked before the manufacturers use the floor is what kind of, to prevent the use of high prices but to buy inferior products are not durable!