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The proper maintenance method of aluminum alloy retractable door

Release time:2015/9/25

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
1, the use of the correct way
In use, the action should be as light as possible light open, do not force too much too much; retractable door open, found to have obstruction, should first rule out the fault. Folding retractable door and other high-grade retractable door to strictly follow the instructions.
2, regular cleaning: to keep the surface clean, try to scrub in the soft gauze or cotton, etc., so as not to scratch the surface of the retractable door. In the presence of stains and dirt, you can use water, alcohol or neutral detergent, cleaning
3, anti-corrosion: try to avoid acidic, alkaline chemicals contact aluminum alloy retractable door surface.
4, hardware maintenance: often check the retractable door of various types of hardware accessories, such as damage to the phenomenon found in a timely repair or replacement, hardware with a long time, can be coated with a little fire wax oil or drip some oil to reduce friction, Keep the retractable door open and easy to handle.