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Electric retractable door brand show each show features

Release time:2015/9/22

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
The two events held at two electric retractable exhibitions in Beijing show two common characteristics: one is the brand promotion activities in particular; the second is exhibitors exhibitors less and less, corporate image display more and more many. Some companies held a dealer meeting, some companies hire celebrity endorsement, some companies to cars as prizes, and some companies to hire models show, and even some companies also introduced a pole dance performances. In the 2012 China International Electric Telescopic Door Industry Exhibition, the third "Huilong Paint Cup" China bedroom door model contest kicked off, as the show during which a beautiful landscape. In the two days of the game, the public will be the combination of wooden culture and stage art, performing a wonderful T station catwalk and colorful song and dance programs for the majority of the audience dedicated a visual feast.
This series of activities reflects the brand marketing has become a major trend in the electric retractable door industry. Electric retractable door industry brand marketing led to the rise of the brand planning industry boom. In a variety of brand marketing activities, many star brokerage firms, planning management agencies involved in the formation of another market group. For example, some sites held in some aspects of outstanding contributions to the outstanding corporate selection activities, and some sites were door factory manager dialogue, interview activities, and some sites held a network marketing forum. This phenomenon shows that China's electric retractable door market has entered the integration period (shuffling period), the concept of brand winning in the industry gradually formed.
Electric retractable door industry brand "South high north low", electric retractable door industry exhibition will be north and south separations
Electric retractable door industry exhibition a strange phenomenon: the South more than the north of the brand, but the North show more than the South. In the southern region, Guangzhou International Building Decoration Exhibition is almost alone, alone carrying the southern exhibition of the task. Even so, the electric retractable door industry exhibition is still pushed in the north. Only in 2012, the north there are several new electric retractable door industry exhibition held. In February an electric telescopic door industry news release
At the meeting, the Beijing reporter Wu Houbin sharply pointed out that "why the door should be at the same time in the same area to get together to open? Is the waste of money?" The problem, attracted the stage, the audience a laugh. Under normal circumstances, electric retractable door industry exhibition relies on industry associations, but the association and the association formed between the economic CIS, making the electric retractable door industry exhibition has become the focus of regional interests to compete.