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Electric door purchase should not be small and cheap

Release time:2015/10/10

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
1. Do not judge the lot by material:
Judging the correct way to the lot should be combined with the demand for, for example, you use the electric door, traffic access time and life support is the main criteria to meet the workplace requirements and daily life can be.

2. Do not judge the city functional areas mature or not: now the city developed, electric door functional areas constantly updated, whether the business district is suitable for home buyers, this is a major misunderstanding. Business district, including the financial business district Ye Hao, electric doors are only set up economic growth point only, and buy a house relationship is not, on the contrary the developers put these as good factors included in the electric door.

3. Do not be cheap: buy electric door looks very simple, some land use of small factories, it seems very good, but you have to know how to deep inside the developer to experience the pricing mechanism. Often such a single electric door price is higher than the residential unit price, because the audience expanded. And then those who are selling the land on the sale of the project, should pay attention to its marketing and discount methods, such projects belong to a larger and more powerful vendors, the background with the possibility of hoarding, you can boldly buy Into, but some small business projects, because many times to get the current listing of sales opportunities, cheap behind a lot of money transferred out, do not buy worth mentioning.

4. To beware of the so-called added value: In order to eliminate consumer concerns, vendors may be free to sell, in order to eliminate people's concerns about the maintenance costs of the door, the seller may be exempt from the maintenance of several years of maintenance costs, in order to eliminate people Property charges are too high charges, these are short-term behavior to stimulate the sales policy, there is no significant significance. And then, for example, to buy a house to repair, buy a house to send furniture, send electricity, etc., in fact, a slight increase in sales before the price, it is enough to put these expenses hit the door price, so buy electric doors do not pursue face engineering, that is, the pursuit of additional benefits, or These additional parts of the sacrifice, simply on the price and the relevant room for cost-effective comparison, to make their own choice.