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New retractable door brand re-products to learn heavy service

Release time:2016/3/14

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology

New retractable door brand in the national market investment process will be shifted from attention to the speed of attention to single-store profitability. Now the retractable door single shop operating capacity are not ideal, so the industry recognized some "paper tiger", looks very strong, but the single-store profitability is poor, the national retractable door market a mess, no key market, the market pattern blow The Part of the regional strong brand will gradually decline, some will continue to lead in a strong market. As a solid foundation, and will continue to build their own core competitiveness in the dominant market, such a retractable brand has a successful model, a single store demanding, investment is slow, but can better grasp every new store, the model one by one input one by one, In many markets into the local area within six months will be able to enter the local sales before 3, showing a strong development potential.

Retractable door industry is a custom industry, semi-finished product characteristics and a large number of human resources involved in determining the characteristics of the industry is a typical service industry. For the retractable door manufacturers, do a good job, less problem, good control of product quality and delivery, that is, good service dealer, dealers will be able to do a good job on consumer services, pre-sale, Sale after all-round and customers to establish a good relationship.