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The new era of product electric goalkeeper will be widely used

Release time:2015/9/5

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
Electric door will replace the old iron gate, old-fashioned is not refined, Jin Hongxing offers different styles of different design styles meet the modern life of the electric door.
Although the proportion of the electric door project in the whole building is small, it occupies a very important position in the daily use and management of the building, which is an important index of the intelligent level of the building. From the construction aspect, the electric door project is complicated and Integrated work, it is outside the decoration, interior decoration, strong electricity, weak, building word control, and even the fire system is closely related. More importantly, the installation of electric doors is usually in the late construction of the entire building, if the project coordination is not conducive to the overall project may affect the duration. Because the state of the electric door product quality, safety, energy efficiency, noise, construction quality, after-sales service has no uniform standards, all domestic construction institutions are not related to the professional or curriculum, there is no authoritative advisory body, Market management is still in a state of disorder.

With the rapid development of urban construction in China, a variety of large buildings such as hotels, airports, office buildings, recreational facilities and other places continue to emerge, the scope of application of electric doors is also more and more widely, the requirements of electric door products more and more high. Such as the appearance of the electric door design, revolving door speed and safety and ease of use of people with disabilities, fire facilities, etc., which gave the electric door products put forward higher requirements.