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Extremely chaotic retractable door dealers

Release time:2015/9/18

Article source:Jin Hong Xing Technology
In recent years, the development of retractable door dealers face a lot of trouble, some dealers also began to not follow the rules "card" and even the development of a chaotic industry.
Ignore after-sales service In a retractable door business shop, see a consumer because of the expansion of the expansion of the door after the installation of certain problems and come to the door, in the customer and business dialogue, learned that the Chen customers some time ago The store bought two indoor doors, but after the installation, found that one of the doors turned out to be rampant, many times to call the store to find a solution, but the business has repeatedly shirk, and ultimately, customers only personally " The
It is understood that some of the retractable door dealers are agents of a business products, installation and after-sales service by the manufacturers responsible for the consumer once the problem is reflected to the dealer, the dealer appears to prevarication, to solve the slow and other issues. Dealers are not only selling products, more importantly, good after-sales service, the nearest, a short time to help consumers solve the relevant problems. This is the dealer to win the long-term consumer.
Price war
As in recent years, retractable door dealers like mushrooming everywhere, therefore, the market price system should not have some malicious bargain. Some dealers said that some businesses in order to increase turnover, regardless of all the price war, so that brand dealers are helpless. "Price war" Although in a short time to help dealers quickly get a part of the consumer, but the long run, for the dealer itself and the whole market, will fall into the vicious cycle of price war, and ultimately only the whole market to " Unprofitable ".
At present, consumers in the choice of retractable door, still the price as an important purchase index. At the same time some dealers confuse the concept of various types of retractable door, making a lot of customers in the "fog in the flower" will rush to hand. Although this kind of dealer can get a short-term benefits, but over time, product quality, but off, consumers will not buy after all, and ultimately had to close down. Product quality is not only the survival of the production line, the same is the survival of dealers are fundamental.